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BIND (NameServer)

DNS Delegation

DNS Delegation can be used to pass requests on to another nameserver. This is useful in cases such as when you have a subdomain that you wish to be served by another host or hosts (for example, for a windows domain/subdomain under you primary domain).

In this case, we'll use an example where we have

  • A domain "mydomain.local" 
  • An subdomain "win.mydomain.local" which we want controlled by AD
  • A domain controller at called dc01.mydomain.local
  • A domain controller at called dc01.mydomain.local

For this, we would add the following to our "mydomain.local" zone record

win IN NS dc01.mydomain.local
win IN NS dc02.mydomain.local
dc01 IN A
dc02 IN A


This will have the result of passing any requests for *.win.mydomain.local through to your windows domain controller hosts. It has the disadvantage that you do need to add dc's into your bind config as needed, but the advantage of allowing a hybrid bind/microsoft DNS.


An alternate method would be to have a subdomain that is still hosted locally, but accepts updates from the windows DC hosts. You would then need to configure your windows hosts to pass updates to the bind server.